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Cement (ASTM C-150)
Each daily delivery is subject to sampling for test analysis. Each sample is labeled for a minimum period of one month in the lab store. Cement tests are conducted at least once per month as per the list of the tests and frequency. Whenever any suspicion arises in the cement quality, the related sample will be subject to relative tests for assessment and evaluation.

Admixture (ASTM C-494)
Each admixture delivery is subject to conformity tests (density and soiled content). Each sample is labeled and stored for a minimum of 15 days in the lab store. If any changes in the color or density of the admixture are noted upon receipt of new shipment, the admixture supplier and the Technical dept. are notified for the corrective actions. Admixture dispensers are checked by the operators on a daily basis for the proper functioning and pumpabilty. The admixtures is regularly agitated by the use of circulation pumps in order to reduce the possibility of sedimentation.

Mixing water (ASTM C-94)
The mixing water pumped from the wells is tested for acceptance on a routine basis every 3 months.

Plant Equipment

Batching Plants
The mechanical operation of the batching plant is regularly checked for any break down while the scales zeroing is checked daily. The weigh scales are calibrated every one month by a certified firm and these are subject to internal calibration on a monthly basis.

Truck mixers and pumps:
Our well equipped mechanic shop ensures the proper functioning of the equipments for a consistent concrete supply with the least accidents. Our equipments are thoroughly checked on monthly basis along with a normal daily checking.

Concrete Production Control


Aggregates moisture tests are conducted twice per day to ensure the water quantity added to the mix and establish a consistent slump and yield before concrete is supplied to site. The process for concrete is issued via a fully computerized system which shows the actual materials quantities in the mix. The operator is well trained technician for identifying and noticeable change in the mix ingredients. Mix design is not modified without immediate notification of plant management, laboratory and technical Dept.

Concrete workability

During concrete supply, the drivers are well trained to monitor and report the slump loss or increase in water demand. Trail mixes are consistently checked for evaluating the slump loss during concrete supply. In case of late delivery due to traffic or any delay that could occur on site, the drivers are trained to estimate the slump and to adjust accordingly by using the adequate admixture quantity. This will be applied in accordance with the client/ consultant approval.

Transportation and pumping

All concrete transit mixers and pumps are calibrated , capacity controlled and mechanically tested for reliability and failure risk elimination while performing their duties. Concrete volume delivered is checked on a routine basis for yield calculation. Routing control and delivery quality assurance is being scheduled and controlled for technical compliance.

A qualified team of pumping will coordinate with the client to ensure the quickest and proper pumping facilities on site using the appropriate extensions and scaffolding needs.

Site Testing

During concrete pouring, a mobile laboratory is being allocated for cylinders sampling as agreed with the client/ consultant for the number of samples. The technician on site is a well experienced personnel capable of solving general concrete problems related to slump loss, concrete workability and proper pouring.

Companys Liability and Third Party Assistance

The Companys liability in respect of defects in the goods including failure to comply with the specifications , such specifications having been given to and accepted by the Company in full time to enquiry is limited to the cost of removal and replacement. The Company can only accept such liability where the Purchaser can establish that:

No extra water in excess of the amount recommended or any other material has been added to the product without the prior agreement of the Company.

The sample tested has been taken during discharge from the Companys vehicle or from a central mixer in the case of goods collected from the Companys plants, in accordance with the relevant clauses of ASTM C-172.

All sampling, making, curing and testing of specimens has been carried out in accordance with the relevant clauses of ASTM C-172 and C-31 and tested in our laboratories (free of charge) or in a certified laboratory (all external tests will be borne by the Purchaser). The tests will take place in any of the following laboratories to be selected by the Purchaser upon its requirements that tests be made:

Laboratory of American University of Beirut
Laboratory of Institute for Scientific Research
Laboratory of Ecole Superieure de lingenieurs de Beyrouth
Laboratory of Advanced Construction Technology Services (ACTS)

test results have been interpreted in accordance with ASTM C-39 or any other specification previously accepted in writing by the Company.
References to compressive strength in the specification shall unless otherwise agreed refer to compressive strength obtained from concrete cylinders, made , cured and tested in accordance with ASTM C-39.
The Purchase has notified the Company within 40 days from the date of delivery of the goods of their failure to comply with the specification. The Company has been given an opportunity of investigating any alleged defect and of making representations as to any remedial action to be taken.
If the defect in goods should have been revealed by examination on delivery, the Companys responsibility in respect of such defect shall be limited to the delivery of a fresh supply of goods. Under no circumstances will the Company accept responsibility or liability for the workmanship of the Purchasers employees or subcontractors.


SFRs product (Ready mix concrete) conformity is assured by computer software control and regular machine calibration and product testing.

SFRs inventory control system (on site storage areas) prevents nonconforming materials from being used.

Non-conforming, not approved goods are marked visibly and stored in a separate location in the storage area.

When parts show nonconformance during assembling , these are returned to the storage area and destroyed or reworked.

Suspect materials (such as asphalt or concrete) are tested in the laboratory or sent to specialized laboratories for validation, and refused if laboratory reports show the materials as non-conforming.

Test cylinders of concrete are clearly marked and stored in a protected area in the Laboratory.

Results of all non-confirming goods and products are filed.

The Company accept responsibility or liability for the workmanship of the Purchasers employees or subcontractors.

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Saida Construction provides its customers with high-quality branded Ready mix concrete and cement products for their construction needs. We are in this business since 2008. Presently our plants are located south saida city area .

The company produces many types of ready-mixed concrete, which covers consumer need, and different designs of concrete mixing different kinds, depending on use and the effort required to achieve up to 100 (MPA).

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